Sooner or later we all perceive the force of destiny, which makes us take steps and choices at the right moment. Those steps, those choices are deep down inside, in our experience and in our life, are appropriate for our own story.


Companies have a destiny too, and it has been destiny that a centuries-old history such as the one of Enrico Cassina (founded in 1850) led to the gemmation of contemporary handles, in a collection that not coincidentally is called Inedita (meaning original, never seen before).


A line in which all skills, knowledge, experience and tireless care to details have been reinvented and embodied in a contemporary accent, with a fresh, free and original vision.


Hence the choice: to create from scratch a collection in which such skills have been expressed in creative freedom, a message representing a real promise of joy and happiness. With a touch of style.

design by Alessio Rigamonti

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Meet the Designer




Alessio Rigamonti graduated in Architecture at Milan Politecnico University. Later, he trained in Vico Magistretti’s architectural firm. In 2008, he began to work exclusively with  Architect Luca Apostoli.

Over the years, he has successfully completed numerous interior decor projects. Among them: boutiques, showrooms, yachts and renovated historic villas overlooking the lakes of Como and Lugano.


In 2017, he has been awarded the Honorable Mention for the Compasso d'Oro thanks to the Aerogravity project, the only vertical wind tunnel in Italy and the first in the world for air volume.

Alessio Rigamonti for ALFREDO PORRO has already designed the BRONZO COLLECTION, a line of bronze  Haute Couture details cabinet knobs and handles.

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